Author Topic: "Fobbing" my work knives  (Read 1361 times)

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"Fobbing" my work knives
« on: January 03, 2020, 07:31:44 AM »
This all started because I am a Swiss Army fanboy. When we got a new boat for the cabin I decided I wanted a tool on it. I selected the Victorinox Skipper... It has the stuff I thought we would need. Admittedly the corkscrew was a high concern but the "marlin spike" for dealing with knots and rigging would be handy because we use all manner of issues we continually have with anchors, tow ropes, toys, you name it.

But there's a problem with knives on the water. They sink. I tested a whole pile of "floaties" but none kept the knife on the top of the water. Then I found my organic solution. I cut the bulbous part of several champagne corks off and bored a hole through the middle on my drill press. I tied about a foot of orange paracord to the knife and threaded 3 corks on it with a decorative diamond knot. It won't float but if dropped will stand proud off the bottom and since we rarely go deeper than 10 feet is an easy grab in shallow water. Also slows the descent if dropped. And it's not ugly.

Why stop there? I liked the design so much I took the Stanley 99E I keep in my tool belt and paracorded on a champagne cork (bulb only) and a rare earth magnet. It's tight to the knife (unlike my water design) but it makes drawing it from the belt easier with gloved hands and the magnet lets me stick it to all manner of things. If I've got metal, even so little as a nail or screw, I can attach my knife to the work project which is kind of handy when juggling big projects.

Doesn't stop there. Suppose I have to put in my dado stack on my tablesaw or reframe a picture. Where am I going to put those pesky set screws and collars or those annoying frame clips? Why they're on the magnet tied to my trusty utility knife. Rather than dump screws or nails in the bags on my belt if I need only a few I can lock them on the magnet.

This isn't tactical or something I do to EDC knives. But for work tools it's really nice to have options to have a functional fob tied to them. I'm always looking for a "third hand" in the shop and this fits the bill.

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Re: "Fobbing" my work knives
« Reply #1 on: January 03, 2020, 07:49:28 AM »
Sounds good.  :clap: