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Choosing machete/kukri for camping

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--- Quote from: imasurviver on April 18, 2020, 11:20:04 AM ---That's a good idea. But if you know what you want spend a little bit more for something that will last years. There are some cheap camping knives out there that'll work as well.

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None of the knives on your blog are anywhere near the quality of the knives already on the list.  I hate to make a blanket statement, but anything with Bear Grylls in the name is usually a crappy product.

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As much as I like some of the other Cold Steel items, I'm not a fan of their kukris. Had the kukri machete first, hated it. The blade of a machete blade is way too thin to actually put the kukri shape into effective use. Had the Gurkha kukri then. Blade was thick and heavy enough to chop, but the overall shape wasn't really working for me. Unlike some original kukris I handled, CS model curves way too much forward very close to the hilt. I never got use to it and ended up selling the kukri. Also, I had the SK-5 steel version and the material was rather bad, didn't really hold good edge.

If you want a kukri, Id recommend looking at Himalayan Imports for a true Nepalese kukri.
Next would be Becker knives, BK21 or an discontinued BK4 Machax. Many other Beckers may do what you want as well! Once you buy one Becker, you start buying all of them.
Condor Knives had one Alan Kay helped redesign after he won Alone using their kukri, the K-Tact Kukri.
TOPS also has the Bushcrafter Kukri.

Beckers I own: BK 1,4,7,9,10,11,13,14,16,18; see its an addiction, be forewarned!
BTW, I want a 2,20,21!

If you are looking for a real Kukri - go real.  Khukuri houses has a few good blades that might fit your requirements.
Once you compare a real version against the fake versions you can see the difference.   My generic recommendation would be to find a official Kukri that is for the their Army.   There are at least 3 major players in the Nepal region for quality knifes. 

Now the Kukri might not be the design for you and you might want something more machete like.   It depends on what role you will be using the blade for.   If I needed to limb a tree branches off wood, I would like the Kukri.

I have the Cold Steel version of that knife style, and as a Kukri true knife it sucks.  However; it is cheap, the handle is fine and it might be a nice blend of machete / kukri knife that will work for you.

About 12 years ago I picked up a semi-custom Kukri knife that had some design issues borrowed from a K-bar knife.  Mostly it was the hand grip and sheath that had the k-bar influences.  It did take about 6 months for the company to make and deliver it.   I ended up opting for a leather sheath versus the kydex style to speed delivery.

If I was looking for an extended out doors Kukri kinfe I would look at KHHI Marshal (Water-Proof )  version.  This kukri would be ideal for a blade that might be taken out back in wet areas for long periods of time.   Kukri knifes can be designed small to large, and specific for tasks that the official Army knife does not do as well.

There are a few importers of Nepal knifes that might have something in stock within the US of A.


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