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--- Quote from: rustyknife on July 22, 2019, 06:24:10 PM ---In my leather shop I use E-Z Cut by C.S.Osborne & Co. I cut 7 to 9 oz leather easily. Also they do not have points on the end.

--- End quote ---
They look nice for a leather shop, but I can't justify $40 for a pair of everyday scissors.  The Klein scissors are $20 or less for a great pair.

Mr. Bill:
I know this isn't what you're looking for, Fritz, but I wanted to mention the tiny pair of Fiskars scissors we've got in our sewing kit.  The point is so sharp that it could literally be used as a push dagger in an emergency.

Fiskars Micro-Tip Scissors (No. 5)

David in MN:
Got me thinking... "Scissors" is kind of a big topic. I initially thought "who would EDC scissors?" Well, me. I'd be lying if I didn't confess to getting a lot of mileage from the Swiss Army Knife scissors I demand having on me at all times. Though I'm quicker to go to a utility knife because my background is in construction scissors are a great tool.

And I ABUSE my kitchen shears. As bad as one of my chef knives. I think they're Henckel (one of the higher end models) and I use them for everything. Not EDC but center stage in the kitchen. A good set of kitchen shears is a must have.

Also when I'm in the yard my toolbelt will have pruning shears and my big Fiskars telescoping pruning shears are never far off. Kind of a big set of scissors for trimming trees.

I guess [the long and short is that I rely heavily on shears almost every day. Never thought about EDC though. Maybe I'll let this run around the brain a bit more.

This post was the motivation for my purchasing the Klein scissors, although I still haven’t tried getting on a plane with them yet.

I found my pair in my EDC so good that I bought another pair to put on my work bench.

As mentioned above, I have a knife on my multitool, I also have a couple of knives in my GHB.  I've never really had a need for a knife in my day to day work that a pair of scissors couldn't handle easier.  Opening mail, opening those damn plastic packages that everything comes in, cutting paper. 

In a SHTF situation, I'm pretty sure my knife will be far more useful, but not in the modern world.


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