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Educate me on Inflatable Mats


well, I am to buy my first inflatable mat, self-inflating or not.
And I cannot spend more than 30+ bucks for it.  ;D

So -at that price range- what is my best type option?
How do the two types compare in comfort?
is 5-6.5cm loft good? (I do have some more pounds than I should)
should I am for specific air chamber shape 9like the wave or eggcrate ones)?
can you inflate yourself a self-inflating mat for extra loft?

I've never had a lot of luck with inflatable mats. I use the closed cell foam ones that are ready to go. A little harder to carry and I cut mine down some to save weight. It's long enough to cover from my shoulders to my knees. Since I sleep mostly on my side, that's plenty.

closed cell foam are too thin for me and too thin for my country's rocky grounds. hence looking into inflatable.
How do they do in that regard?

Andy in NH:
It's out of your price range, but I'm a big fan of the Exped DownMat Series (
I was a little thrown off at the price at first also, but after listening to experienced outdoors men I gave it a try.
Sleeping in the field has never been more comfortable to me after making the switch.
With the use of the Schnozzel Pumpbag it can be inflated in about two minutes.

Are the trees in the rocky area you camp suitable for hanging a hammock?
That will get you up off the ground and away from the lumps and bumps.

Adam Campbell:
My advice is that they pop and spring a leak.

Get a ThermaRest instead for backpacking.

I've had one for 10+ years and it's just as comfortable as any backpacking air mattress I've had.

ALSO, they are AWESOME for turning things like rocks and fallen trees into comfortable recliners in the woods on a backpacking trip.

You will be amazed at how many uses you can find for one of those.


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