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Utility Knives, Box Cutters, Razor Blades: What do you like to use?

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--- Quote from: strangetanks on April 05, 2016, 06:20:40 AM ---The utility knives that I prefer for working are the ones that automatically change the blade.  You depress a button and pull out the used blade.  Retract, and when you extend a new blade is automatically installed.  Usually holds about 8 blades.  Change blades in literally less than a second.  I have seen them in a couple different brands, I happen to have gotten mine from Fastenal.

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Got a pic or link?  I'd like to try which ever one you think is the best.

--- Quote from: David in MN on April 05, 2016, 06:37:30 AM ---I hate, hate, hate the little Gerber. In my big hands it never seems to find a home. I like the convenience but in use it just doesn't work for me. I wouldn't advise against it because it works but I'd always say that it fails for me as it seems I just fumble it a bit.

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I know exactly where you're coming from.  I got it when I heard Jack mention it back in the early TSP "Jetta" days.  Didn't really like it, stuck it in a desk drawer and only used it to open mail, sticking with the 99E for everything else.  Somehow, after opening hundreds of Amazon boxes, nothing else seemed quite right in my hand anymore.  It's weird, the thing just grew on me and I had to get more to spread around the house.  I got the three Milwaukee models on impulse as I was passing through Home Depot a few months ago and really like them, and I do find myself using the Fastback more and more.  Who knows, maybe in a few months I'll have switched preferences again.


Used this one for a while.  The mechanism was awesome, if you were whipping the knife in and out of a toolbelt for something like drywall it was great.  There was a problem with the mechanism that grabbed the blade however, it wore out and wouldn't reliably grab a new blade anymore.  Don't know if its been fixed since.|categoryl1:%22600241%20Tools%209and%20Equipment%22|~%20~|categoryl2:%22600268%20Hand%20Tools%22|~%20~|categoryl3:%22600286%20Knives,%20Razors,%20Multi-Tools%209and%20Accessories%22|~%20~|categoryl4:%22600291%20Utility%20Knives%22|~

This is the one I use now.  Super reliable and rugged.  Only time I have problems is if I'm cutting something really gummy like torch down rubber roofing and the blade gets covered in gook.

I'm a general contractor, I work my tools pretty hard, especially something like a utility knife. 

I have an old stanley and the gerber eab. the eab lives in my pocket and i use more often than my sak i carry. i even bought them for my brothers/dad/step dad.


--- Quote from: strangetanks on April 05, 2016, 07:47:32 PM ---I'm a general contractor, I work my tools pretty hard, especially something like a utility knife.

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Thanks, I'll give the Alltrade a whirl.  I can totally see how what one does with the knife factors into feature preference, especially when you're earning a living off it.  Utility knives have only made me money when someone sliced themselves open 30 min before quitting time on a Friday afternoon.

How about brand of blade, guys?  I've used Stanley, Irwin, and Lenox, but can't say that I can objectively pick one over the other.  Subjectively, I think I've liked Lenox the best and the Irwin the least, but I could have been totally bamboozled by the shiny gold strip on the Lenox.

I like the look of the Gerber, but I would not want to put my finger on the piece under the blade. It makes me nervous just looking at it. There is no guard and I could see my finger going right out into the blade.


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