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Do you have a Nessmuk Trio or Coquina Outfit in your B.O.B.?

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Polar Bear:
Is the Husq a chopper or a splitter?  I find the Estwing to be more of a chopper and would like something that is a better splitter.  I like how you think of your pack.  I have the same mentality to mine.  I showed it to the guys at work and they were impressed, saying it was practical. 

It is about the size of the estwing so it does not have the weight to be a splitter but it splits very well for its size.  The head is designed to do both so it is a compromise for both but a really good compromise. You would not be disappointed in either task unless you compared it to a high end specialized axe.

The Professor:
I have a Busse Basic 7, a Bucklite and a Frontier Hawk in addition to a Leatherman Wave.

I've never been comfortable with the double-bitted mini-axe concept, but the Frontier Hawk does well.  If that's not good enough, then I also have a Gransfors Bruks Small Forest Axe, which is a bit larger.

Those together seem to do most of what I need, which is similar to what Nessmuk found out.  I've not spent anywhere near as much time as he did in the woods, but, these work for me.

The Professor

Coquinas wrings:
I presume this is the predecessor to his Wilderness Guide,

So said, I normally have a Coquina Outfit more often than a Nessmuk Trio;
BK4,7 or 9 as a large knife
BK 16 would be considered the smaller knife
Vic OHT as a folder would typically round out the three.
But more likely Ill have another blade or three around. LOL!


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