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Thank you, LvsChant. I just signed up and I have already received the first newsletter.

By the way, for anyone who has not purchased the DVD, just do it.

Yes... good information for everyone on the newsletter... I haven't figured out how to find the 1st newsletter on her site yet. I may email and ask if there is a link I'm missing.

Also, if anyone would like to post a review on Amazon for Marjory, I know she would appreciate it.


I couldn't find a search nor archive function at Marjory's website.

I can post a link to the 1st newsletter via my e-mail response/confirmation if you don't think Marjory would mind.
I just don't want to be presumptive.

Good idea about going to Amazon and doing a review. The cost of her DVD is money very well spent.  :)

I know I'd appreciate the link! Thanks, Prag.

Happy to oblige.  :)

BFP Newsletter #1

btw, I saw where a few folks here already have submitted their reviews to Amazon.
Marjory deserves the effort for the hard work put into this production.

Mine's pending approval.  :)


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