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Problems with the show zipfiles

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Mr. Bill:
Ugh, sounds like it was more of a strangling than a throttling.  Oh well.

I don't know if this will be useful info, but FYI the zip files only manage about 3% compression on the podcasts (because the mp3 format is already compressed).  The main thing you gain from the zip files is the convenience of not having to click "DOWNLOAD" 25 times, but the total data usage is nearly the same.

Pearl S:
Yeah, I get the more recent ones as they come out, but I'm getting the archives in chunks for ease. I like to have a bunch to pick through, decide what I want to hear any given day.

And yeah, strangling is a better word for it. I'll be glad when I have a better system again. Currently in mid-chaos, won't get a decent connection till I am in my own home, not a rental, not paying the hook up fees several times. And the fees are currently high here, as they just ran fiber in the area. So every hookup involves dirt moved and cables installed. Not even paying for that for a rental. I'll stick to my hotspot, that gets throttled when I go over my data cap.

And I need to pick a cast for the day! Yay! 2 good archives out of that mess, before it throttled, I have 50 new ones to choose from! Yay, Jack rants!! :D


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