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How do I block a particular user from commenting in a Topic I post?

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David in MN:
Take it from a guy who often wades way too deep. Let cooler heads prevail. I've had stuff taken down that didn't make sense and I've had stuff stay up that I kinda wish was taken down.

Don't take it personally. Usually a couple PMs clear up things. A lot of topics get in the weeds and then dragged out to deep water where we drown.


--- Quote from: mountainmoma on November 11, 2017, 05:05:47 PM ---
The person you are refering to is a very valuable member f this forum with alot of interesting prepping perspectives ! Absolutely NOT a Troll. A troll is a person purposely stirring up trouble, which he is absolutely NOT ! He is trying to be helpful and letting know what worked for him.

On this forum, if you think someone has made a mistake in what they are recomending, you talk about it in polite ways  -- you made a personal attack ! SO, you would say, "oh, You recomend using xyz software. My experience has been that this is malware and to be avoided. (and give an example of this). Instead, I have found it better to...."

--- End quote ---

Female.  Thirty-something.  Middle class, of working class parents.  Primary education at public schools in a north-eastern (extremely progressive) state.  Beginners degree in "Liberal arts".  Doesn't even bother to check spelling "becuz ppl will understand anyway".  No background in hard science, and no experience doing hard things.  Categorically incapable of discerning the difference between facts and absolutes vs. feelings and opinions.  Repulsed at the proposition that some people don't belong in some discussions because "feewings get hurt that way".

--- Quote from: Mr. Bill on November 11, 2017, 05:03:37 PM ---Well, let's see... "disinformation and ignorance", "your implication is patently false", "your attempted derailment of the thread towards this application is blatant", "a wrapper of technical illiteracy".  You implied he was intentionally promoting malware, and you made fun of his spelling (yes, he is really a Greek man -- this is an international forum).  In this thread you called him a troll, and told us how you plan to be a moderator without anyone inviting you to be a moderator ("they get exposed and shamed when they come and disrupt threads I've created, because that is how you keep them out").

We balance those needs by being civil and polite, and explaining the error or disagreement without insults and accusations.

Feel free to do the same here, if you can't be polite.

--- End quote ---

Male.  Typical first-generation SJW, i.e. frustrated Progressive ideologue.  Young end of the boomer spectrum.  Menial administrative duties, no opportunity for advancement in employment.  Un disciplined, over weight, and out of shape; couldn't run a mile.  Period.  Has non-epileptic seizure disorder - can't regulate diet and insulin properly? 

"Wants to be a moderator without being invited".  Oh, would that threaten your little patch of pseudo-authority, Bill?
I guess in your sheltered little world, you don't realize that on most web forums, the OP does in fact get to regulate the postings in THEIR thread(s) - i.e. deleting off-topic or inappropriate replies, and blocking users who post same.  And yes, the tread does belong to the OP, because they put the work into preparing and composing it because THEY HAVE SOMETHING they are willing to share.  You know, 'intellectual property' and 'Rights of the First Speaker' and all that.

Got it...  I'm outta here.  Have fun soiling your little playpen -
I didn't come here to change diapers, tolerate trolls, or suffer fools. 
Those are the three strikes, and you folks hit 'em all, right off the bat.

And we're done....

damn, i missed all that.... i think his IP needs some attention...


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