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Traditional Bowyer's Bible series


I was surprised this wasn't mentioned here, but y'all may want to check this out. Cover's a variety of topics. #1 is a must, IMO, though I'll admit to having yet to put what I've learned here into practice. A project for this summer is to find some wood I like and cure it up in the attic, hopefully have something to try out for a winter project.

I have that series.  I've read it & studied it quite a bit, but I'm not all that interested in building my own bows at the moment.  It does give one a very good working knowledge of what, why & how a bow works.

It's a well written series of books.

Tactical Badger:
I second that.  Very informative of how a bow works and the infinite variations of them.

Plus, if you are into building your own excellent resource.


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