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Finally got out shooting again


Well, this week has been such nice weather here, that everyday after work, I come home, open the garage door, set up the target, walk out back and shoot my bows for an hour. My shoulder is killing me, but its not too bad.

I shoot my little 25# Bear recurve, then a 50# or so no name Fiberglass recurve, and then my Bear compound. I alternate them around and work up to the heavy weights, and then work my way back down and finish with the 25#, so that I am working on accuracy at the end, and not just pulling the bow.

I am going to get one of the Bowstick bows, and will see how that treats me.

And tonite, I got my sister in law out there shooting as well. I just wish I had a light weight left handed bow. :-\ Well at least shes shooting.


cool! I have a 50-60 pound compound ( bowtech rock ) I have it set at 50. It does hurt at first, but it gets pretty easy to pull back eventually


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