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I put my old Uniden PC 68 in my truck. I found where I am at CB is still active. I also live and travel near and on a highway each day. I am currently borrowing a Wilson 1000 but have to purchase my own soon. With some clearance issues I have to reduce the height I am thinking of going with a little will, base load,  Wilson antenna On the roof Or 5 foot fire stick, top load, mounted from the toolbox. Anyone have suggestions or insight into which would be best? Or any other suggestions?

Your mount location will dramatically impact overall performance of the CB.   Changing the antenna length

You indicated size was an issue would.  Would the compact Wilson CB antenna work for you?  I think the Wilson Little Wil has a 3 foot antenna so that might provide the height relief you need.

Just cutting down the length of the antenna is not a really good thing.   Small adjustments to the antenna can be done to help tune it; however, care must be done when performing this function.

Here are a few links that might talk about location and tuning.

A height of three feet over the roof will work for the little will. If I go with the 5 foot fire stick it will be mounted center of the toolbox But on the side. I was thinking might provide a bit more RX/TX and keep me at about three feet over the roof line. Also with the fire stick I could add a folding hinge if necessary. I just don’t know if the little will is going to give enough reach.  I am eventually going to pick up a SSB CB radio hoping that whichever antenna I have now will serve me well with the SSB.

So I guess what I am asking is does anyone have any other ideas. The Wilson 1000 is to tall to be practical to be on top of the center of my roof. Does anyone have a better idea or maybe the little will is supposed to be sufficient.


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