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Breeding bunnies, need some help


The Morgan Hill Homesteading Project:
I have had rabbits for about a month or so now. I have but the male in with the 2 female and never watch him do the deed. Is been 2 weeks since this happened.

Questions. What are some other signs of a rabbit being pregnant besides pulling fur? Will the buck not be interested in the female if she is Prego? By what date will a rabbit start pulling fur, after how many days should you rebreed?

Morning Sunshine:
I know nothing.  But I know that Cedar raised rabbits and gave a lot of advise on other threads.  Maybe do a search?

Living Traditions Homestead YT channel has quite a bit about breeding rabbits in their shows... I know that sometimes the females just aren't friendly until they get to know the buck. I believe they put the male cage near the female for a couple of days before putting them in together. I don't recall them ever putting a male with 2 females at the same time...

Does tend to be territorial and stressed does tend not to breed. You separate cages or one large pen ,on the ground,for a colony style system. If using individual cages always put there in the buck's cage as does have been known to attack buck's put i  their cage.


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