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PPE Disisnfection for Reusal?

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so... I am only halfway through the webinar, but it sems safe to ask...

How can one replecate the wet heat method at home? 65deg celsious, lots of humidity....with a steam cooker maybe?

all, what do yuo think of these methods of mask sterilization?

Using a vegetable steamer

replicating the exact wet and humid conditions in a convection oven

I think either way is probably fine. Probably.  If you could accurately control the temperature and humidity for the proper amount of time, as outlined in the literature, it should work.

I’m not sure I would go to those lengths with my precious N95 stocks on a personal level. If I needed to use a mask daily I would take 5 masks and put each one in a paper bag. I’d use one mask per day and put it back in its bag and not use it again until each of the other masks had been used for a day and put back into their bag. Having a 4 day interval between use allows for the virus to decay in between uses and minimizes degrading the elastic straps.

I don’t have to go anywhere more than once a week so I’m just using one mask and putting it in the paper bag between uses. Make sure it’s a paper bag so it can breathe.

I do understand your method. And probably i will be doing too.
But I got to cater for my sis family that will have to do with 5 N95 masks and 20 surgical for the duration of.


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