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My Wife with the worried prepper look bought me a


Prepper Rob:
My Wife who sometimes gives me worried prepper look bought me a $50.00 zip lock vacuum sealer machine with lots of chicken and pork chops to practice with.

She also wanted to a bigger deep freeze to replace the one that went out.

We are heading in the right direction.

Prepper Rob, Louisville, Ky.


Sounds great.  8)

Your freezer that went out, did you loose any food?

Our upright is getting up there  ::) in years. Bought in 84? I think.
I'm thinking maybe I should find an alarm that has a probe on a cord? and I could set it at say....25-28? degrees.


You are moving in the right direction.

A problem with bone-in pork is the saw cut leaves very sharp points that will pierce the bag. Sometimes I smack them down with a hammer but prefer to try to get other pieces to cover the sharpies. I use to try to cram as much as I could in the smaller bags but now I use larger as it can be reused whereas a smaller bag has less uses as it gets smaller with each opening. And I don't label them on the outside anymore, I use freezer paper that is shiny on one side and I write on the other side and slip that inside the bag.

We use an inventory system for the freezer to avoid "mystery food". Whatever is on those labels, contents & date, is what is recorded in a notebook. Some people do that with spreadsheets, I'm not one of them. We have an upright and put the food in plastic totes so the entire tote can be taken out instead of leaving the door open while you hunt through the shelves. Self-defrosting freezers are not a good idea.

In the event of a longterm power outage resulting in a thawed out freezer I keep a lot of canning salt on hand and would salt everything in a food grade bucket and cook whatever I could. I wouldn't worry too much about thawed out meat in a vacuum sealed bag though, I'd probably just refreeze it if I could keep it in a bucket of ice water.

Auto-correct has made this post extremely challenging to make.

That's a great idea about putting the label inside the bag.



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