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Shooting by eye. [no sights]

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Jonathon January:
Anyone shoot by eye and not use sights?
I'm really interested in learn but not sure how it's done and I really don't want to lose or break arrows because I'm poor

What kind of bow?

I shoot recurve and the best advice I got was to get a pie plate, stand 10 feet away and shoot at it for hours. Then, when you're just about good at 10 feet, step back 5 and give it another several hours. Then on and on.

I don't have the discipline to do that. I stand about 15 paces away and shoot a pie-sized target.

You get pretty good after a while.

Jonathon January:

I would imagine that's a bit more difficult.

Shooting without sights usually refers to Instinctive shooting, although there are other methods, like gap and point of aim. Instinctive is basically "teaching" your mind and hands to work together to shoot a target, by instantly calculating the distance to the target. Think throwing a baseball or a football. You don't plan the throw, you just do it, and because of practice, you hit the mark.

G Fred Asbell has a section in his book "Instinctive Shooting vol 2" about shooting a compound this way. Not complicated at all. You have the benefit of let-off, gives you a bit more time. Most long bow or recurve shooters who shoot instictively shoot very fast. I really enjoy shooting this way with my long bow and recurve. I have way more fun now than I did when I shot a compound:)


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