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--- Quote from: lowwattliving on April 16, 2014, 02:34:35 PM ---I have 3 of these UV-SRE's. I've programed all the FRS/GMRS, local weather, and 2 of my local repeaters on all 3 by hand. The thing that took the longest to figure out is that you have to delete a channel before you can save another frequency over that same channel. Menu #28 to delete then #27 to save. If you input a frequency into an already used channel, it will not save over the old frequency with the new one. After that everything went very smoothly with these radios. I also purchased a 9 inch and a 12 inch antenna for them.   

--- End quote ---

What is FRS/GMRS? How do I program it/them?

I've tried what others have said about local weather with no luck..any help?

I also "hand" programmed my local repeaters.

I know how to program this radio, what I need help with is "what" too program this radio with..

Please...keep your response at/too a noob level.

Alan Georges:

--- Quote from: chad on April 16, 2014, 07:22:26 PM ---Please...keep your response at/too a noob level.

--- End quote ---
Everything you need to know (at first) about these two radio services:

NB: It is not generally legal to talk on these two bands using a Baofeng or any other programmable ham radio.  To do it legally, you'll need a pre-packaged ready-to-use FRS/GMRS radio.  They're not very expensive, in multipacks they can be had for down around $15 each.  Perhaps at first this the way to go.  OTOH as Steve Harris pointed out, if you program things right and stick to the low power setting it is unlikely you'll show up on any FCC Most Wanted posters.

Alan Georges:
Programmed in the list of 2m/15kHz step simplex frequencies last night.  Here's the list:  (note: most western states go for the 20kHz step between simplex frequencies)

Did this while listening to a blues show on 31m shortwave, with the receiver across the living room.  Every time I'd key the mic, even on low power, the shortwave radio would about jump out of its skin.  Checked, and it's throwing spurs on the broadcast FM band too.  I swear, there are times it seems like "Baofeng" is Cantonese for "hot mess."

Thanks Alan, that helped.


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