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The Dedicated Baofeng Radio Thread

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Here is a link to a csv file containing Connecticut ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service) frequencies. Please don't transmit on them if your not a licensed HAM.

Alan Georges:
Here's a dose of cold reality from none other than Tim Glance, aka The Old Grouch:

Kind of a harsh read, but worth a read nonetheless.

Put he missed one BIG point.....

The Baofeng put a real radio in the hands of people that -else- would spent the same amount on GMRS radios.

BIG point 1.1.....Half of them proceeded to getting a HAM license

Alan Georges:
True Greekman.  I feel like Tim went way over the top one way, and Steve did a little bit the other way, and the truth is somewhere in between.  Both opened my eyes on these little radios, in the sense of "look at all the great stuff they can do!" as well as "yeah, but don't trust your life to this ONE radio."  I'd recommend to anyone interested to listen to what both of these smart guys have to say, then go buy the damn radio because it's the most bang for the buck out there.

Also, thanks for the suggestion on the comm port finder.  I'm wrangling an old Macintosh and finally got the job done, but maybe it'll help some of the windows people.  (All bets are off if you're trying to do this on a VAX however. ;))

I have 3 of these UV-SRE's. I've programed all the FRS/GMRS, local weather, and 2 of my local repeaters on all 3 by hand. The thing that took the longest to figure out is that you have to delete a channel before you can save another frequency over that same channel. Menu #28 to delete then #27 to save. If you input a frequency into an already used channel, it will not save over the old frequency with the new one. After that everything went very smoothly with these radios. I also purchased a 9 inch and a 12 inch antenna for them.   


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