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The Dedicated Baofeng Radio Thread

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The Dedicated Baofeng Radio Thread

DeltaEchoVictor had a good idea:

--- Quote from: DeltaEchoVictor on April 04, 2014, 10:54:04 AM ---Perhaps we need a dedicated Baofeng thread?

--- End quote ---

So, here we go!  Let's chat about all things Baofeng, and other cheap radios.  Let's consolidate what we've learned.  Post useful links, tips, opinions, etc.

Let's start here...
If you
[*]are considering the purchase of,
[*]heard about,
[*]are interested in learning more about,
[*]wonder what the heck is
 a Baofeng (or other cheap dual-band) radio, then you absolutely, positively, must go to this website:
Don't argue with me. :stop: Just go there and check it out. ;)

To start off the list of links, this idea originated is this thread:
What's the maximum power for a hand held?

Here are some Baofeng threads for your reading enjoyment:

'Cheap' Radio

Baofeng UV-5R

Programming a Ham Radio (baofeng UV-5R+)

Baofeng multipacks for BOL? Community Comms

Baofeng question

A FNG to comms and need help

Maximizing with cheap radios...

Good cheap ($43.60 delivered) dual-band 2 watt Handheld

What did I miss?

Good idea. I'm considering picking up a couple of Baufeng radios after Mr Harris' recommendation. I know very little about them and this would be a good place to learn.

Thanks for this thread.  I bought a Baofeng based upon Mr. Harris' recommendation and have been, up to this point, very happy.  Still need to get a license to get the most out of it, but I am learning a lot by leaving my mouth shut and ears open with the radio on.

Thanks for the links as well.

I purchased a GT-3 and accessories from this vendor about 2 months ago, found it to be an amazingly capable radio for the price. There are a lot of good resources on Youtube for use and programming and the radio works well with the open source CHIRP application for programming.

I would recommend this radio to anyone and have enjoyed using it. If you need a flexible and capable radio for a very good price, this is one to place on your short list.

Good thread...

My baofeng should be here Wed...4-9


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