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So I've been putting together my document package and I've gotten to the "phone numbers" section, I have family, friends, police, hospital, red cross, poison control,doctor,pharmacy, isurance company.  Am I missing anything?  Are there any other ideas for the document package other than what Jack suggests??  Thanks

How about phone numbers for local companies you'll need after a storm?  A company that could come out and put a tarp on your damaged roof, fix a broken window, remove a fallen tree? 

duly noted. Forgot the tree service,  thanks.  Any other suggestions?

Utility companies, plumber, tow truck company, cab service,church,lawyer,work, the kids school, banks ,credit card companies, hotels in a bug out town,a number for weather information and travel conditions.

Probably wouldn't hurt to put these into your cell phone memory as well.

Glass company (home and auto), sewer service, HVAC contractor, Vet,


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