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Cut Your Own Hair?

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I actually have a Flobee from back in the 70's.  Use it all the time on my 2 year old, sometimes on myself when I get a bit too shaggy.

Works great and has some pretty good comedy value.


--- Quote from: Oil Lady on November 24, 2014, 05:15:43 PM ---last time i did so i was 8 years old. never again.

--- End quote ---

Looks like it grew back in OK../. :)

sorry, only one thing comes to mind for me, The Suck Kut.

I haven't set foot in a salon in years, mostly because I can't tolerate the chemical smells.  Plus, I can't use the hair wash basins due to a neck injury.  While I used to cut my own hair on a regular basis, now I've taken to letting it grow and I either pile it up or pull it back in a pony tail.  Every once in a while I'll trim the ends (DD checks the back to make sure it's even), but that's it.  Just did hubby's this evening ("cop" cut) and it looks every bit as good as the $20 cut they do at the salon.  DD usually does her own hair as well, but the last couple of times she's went to a salon and had it cut and coloured...and that was only because her grandmother was footing the bill.

So I certainly am not brave enough to cut my own hair, especially since I need some layering otherwise a straight cut at one length makes me look like a goomba (gets poofy on the bottom, not a good look). However, my mom has been successfully cutting and dying her hair for years now. She has finer hair than I do so she uses a hand mirror and a large bathroom mirror to mostly just cut it straight across with a little angle in the front. Maybe because I am used to it, but I think it looks fine and not what you would expect from her doing her own hair.


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