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Seasonal Affective Disorder what helps you?

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I found this article really helpful for explaining the basics.

Lately I find myself "craving light" in a similar fashion as one might crave food, so it's triggered a plethora of research on the subject. For now the only purchase I've made is a cool white 15w LED bulb at 1100 lumens for $16. If that hits the spot I'll gradually acquire more as budget allows.

For those who want a lightbox, Googling "DIY lightbox" brings up plenty of results.

Personally, I've always been more interested in dawn/dusk simulators, the kind you program and plug into your own lamp(s). Price has always kept me away, though.

I haven't been diagnosed with SAD, but it seems common sense to be aware of these potential factors and ready to address them if needed, just like vitamin deficiency. I've been feeling like I need more light for weeks now, but only when I researched it did I realize "oh, y'know, I should probably take this seriously." :P It's more than just being uncomfortable - it's an indication your body isn't physiologically getting what it needs for optimal health.

Pearl S:
Old thread, but still interesting. :)
For complex reasons I'm living in a rental that is DARK, me and my mom are both sun lovers, and it was going to make us crazy over the winter. By the windows in our main rooms I took some of the curtains and pulled them over the wall or corner, and put a 4 foot florescent light fixture hanging on the wall tall-ways so it was right by the window, but under the curtain (fairly thin curtains.) I put the lights on timers, so when you get up in the morning, it looks like the sun is up and shining in part of the window. It's a nice fake, and makes it psychologically less dark. Just regular bulbs, it's just to help your mental attitude, not to be a "sunlamp."

In our main living room space, I put a grow light up high, added mirrors to the walls by it, and my plants love it and it adds psychological sun space to the room. Grow light is also on a timer. The dawn/dusk simulators are nice, but expensive, cheap timers just go on and off, but I don't find that a deal breaker. Dawn breaks rather spectacularly in this house in winter!

Vit D, Fish oil (Carlson lemon flavored doesn't taste fishy) and limiting sugars and starches all help us a lot.

  This is related to another thread as my BOL caused a similar effect due to it's location and I tried a few things to effect a 'cure'.
I run CFL 'FULL SPECTRUM' bulbs in the common area near the exercise equipment and have set house lights to go from sleep mode to day mode with a timer. Also a device that plays the sound of a stream with frogs and crickets during sleep mode moves to a music loop or 'radio' mode to play local talk radio station with news/traffic/ and wx reporting during day ...or I can turn on the entertainment system to my choice as it is all PC based.

  The lights and sounds of day and night helped me stay on a better schedule as without those my sleep and wake periods lost sync with the world and I often slept 16 hours or sometime just 3 and day work suffered in the same manner without visual and audible cues . Maybe a look into how astronaughts stay in sync with the many day-night orbits ...they likely have notable problems with this too?

Full spectrum CFL  $8:

David in MN:
We painted the entry landing a bright glossy gold color. Along with the lights it makes a difference to see bright color. Winter here means gray and white. No sun, no color.

The Dutch use fake wooden tulips to decorate their shops. I've thought about building a couple tiny planters and putting those by the door.

Glad to have you here, Pearl... it is no problem reviving old threads... so many of them have really great information.


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