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Seasonal Affective Disorder what helps you?

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Cool Blue:
I've noticed this year that my winter blues are a lot better despite now working in an office with no windows.  I think the vitamin Ds are helping but I also wonder if the new LED lights that I switched some of my CFLs for are helping.  They're a much whiter light and supposedly closer to real sunlight.

here is my $0.02

D3, and B Complex supplements:
  The D3 you would normally get from sun exposure to your skin, specifically your face, and the B will give you energy to boot.

The full spectrum lights do seem to perk me up a bit when I use them, and I have them all over the house. They also make things look brighter and well ... more true to color.

Another big one is exercise, habitual exercise is the best to get your mood into the positive. Simply waking up 30 minutes early each morning and going full bore before your first shower of the day will make everything to follow better. Try it and you will see what I mean.

Lastly eating right. If you keep to foods which give you energy and don't make you feel weighted down, figuratively and literally, you will be better off any season and fight off colds and infections before they happen.

My daughter moved from Texas to Michigan and was having symptoms of SAD, but didn't know exactly what was going on so she went to the doctor.  Her two options were the light or meds to help her sleep and for depression.  She nixed the second and opted for the light and has had really good results with it so far.

Adam Campbell:
I would say being in a really great relationship that started this summer has been a nice boost to SAD this winter. I have gone skiing twice so far (once downhill and once cross country when we got a huge snow dump one weekend).

I can say that this winter has been MUCH better than the previous one, in spite of new challenges etc. Landing a new job and being able to take a nice vacation right after Thanksgiving was a nice boost as well.

I have yet to invest in one of those SAD lights, but if I ever see a reasonably priced one I may. I did get an inversion table to help with stretching the lower back and that has been very good. I don't get NEARLY enough exercise when it is cold out and have a very hard time even finding the time to get more than one day a week's worth until it is warm out. Then I am the opposite (getting one or two days of rest per week).

Compared to last year I am way ahead of the winter depression, and compared to the year before that light years ahead...

I live in Alaska... Winter starts early and hangs on and on and on... this week  Sun up at 9:56 and down by 16:34.  The best solution I have found for S.A.D. is to get out and get that sun, however brief, on your skin.  Let your body see and feel the sun EVERY day!  I know that those who are at a higher latitude have a period of time when there is no sun at all, but if the sun is up where you are, spend some time out in it.  Also remember to take those Vit D supplements to keep your energy up. 


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