Author Topic: Thailand more free than USA  (Read 1732 times)

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Thailand more free than USA
« on: December 01, 2008, 02:40:21 PM »
Just wanted to say something about Jack's podcast where he said that his buddy was free in Thailand because he could do what he wanted with his land and sell beer without a license, something that isn't done is the USA.

Honestly Jack, is selling beer w/o license freedom? If that is your only prerequisite for freedom then you are in a totalitarian state. Personally I see freedom as being able to criticize the government without fear, voting for who I want to or not voting if I don't want to, feeling safe in my own home from criminals or government agents. I see freedom as not being thrown in jail without bond for a crime I am only accused of and when it is time for trial, I am judged by a jury of my own people. I see freedom as travelling from one state to the other whenever I want to without having to show "my papers" to any border guards. I see freedom as the ability to labor at whatever job appeals to me, when I want to and can leave when I feel like I have had enough. I see freedom as telling my elected officials just what I think about them without fear of repercussions. I think freedom is getting pulled over by the police (for whatever reason) and not having to worry that I am about to either get beaten or have to have some cash to bribe him with. I feel freedom is living where I want (or can afford ;)) in the entire country without having to get anyones permission. I like the idea of going to whatever church I feel so inclined to go to whether I am worshiping the Christian God or maybe feel like bowing down to a purple alien from the planet Karzak.

In Thailand you can sell beer without a license or do what you feel like to your own land. Course property is always subject to confiscation without payment in most  Asian countries. Sure we have imminent domain here but you are compensated and you have the right to your day in court. Doing anything you want with your own land isn't all it is cracked out to be. Imagine if your neighbor decided his property would be better used as a dump, a toxic waste disposal site, or even worse, an elementry school (little bastards). We have zoning laws and they are always subject to the will of the people, we put these laws in ourselves just like we do with controlling liqour sales. Not sure I wanna see teenagers selling beer on the sides of the road or buying unlabeled bottles of what I am told is booze. There are still countries today with official religions or intolerant of minority religions. Try spreading the Gospel in a muslim country or even a hindu one. Wanna feel what hell is like, get arrested in India, Russia, or Mexico. See what happens to you if you fail to vote in Thailand, you can be jailed for not doing so in that country. I know that doesn't seem like such a bad thing (compulsory voting) but what happens to those who have religious objections to voting or better yet what if your only choices are between the next Hitler or the next Stalin? Try being a conscientious objector in Thailand and see what it gets you.

I know that unregulated sale of beer is important to many or being able to set up a gun range on their postage stamp sized suburban lot is the gauge of a free man but honestly it is not important enough for me (or many others) to pack our bags and head out of the US. I know it is the rage to talk about how the Constitution is in shreds, freedom is dead, and Dick Cheney has a plan to keep hisself in power until he dies but really, we should try and keep the discussions honest.