Author Topic: decent videos on how to make a bow  (Read 2377 times)

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decent videos on how to make a bow
« on: October 30, 2009, 10:38:49 PM »
open this up in u-tube and you can see the other 3 episodes:


 I cut a stave out of a small oak tree and then I split it like they do in the video. Next I marked off about 1/2 inch area in the middle of each tip and drew lines from where the handle would be so that I have the rough outline of the bow and then carved down to the lines I drew. As soon as I have that done, I have to take some wood off the belly, and then I will have pretty close to the bow dimensions more or less if it all goes well.

 I did not use the draw knife technique in the video, but have just been carving away from me somewhat carefully ..

Here is a pic of a tiller board:

 The spotted eagle book says you use one of these to help determine if the two sides of the bow are even in their draw and if you need to take more wood off one side etc:

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