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Buy of the centery (I hope)


Over the weekend my wife visited our local country market (a cross between Farmers market and flee Market) and the owner was unpacking boxes of reloading equipment that someone had just delivered her to sell.  She called and asked if I was looking for dies I gave her my wish list and she said that there were presses too.  I told her I would stop in expecting that it was a single stage. Both look to be in great shape.  I got 4 shell plates for all 5 rounds I use regularly.

Well it turned out that they were Lee progressives.  I ended up buying both plus the extra shell plate and other misl parts. I only spent $60.  I now need to figure out how to work them. From what I can tell it is all there.  I ran some 9mms through all but bullet seating and it looks good.  It went to well so I am sure I am missing something.  Primers and the primer process (design not condition) may not be on the same page yet, but otherwise.

I also got a 308 Die set that looks like a custom resizer and special Micrometer competition seating die for $15.  It looks like it has never been used so well cared for.  Now I need a 308 rifle or at least the justification for a 308 Rifle other than I can make bullets for it.  Perhaps Ohio will start allowing necked rounds..

Gloating aside are there any gotcha's with the Lee 1000s?

sounds like you got some screaming deals there,

I have loaded a lot of handgun ammo on a Lee loadmaster.  That said, I will NEVER do it again.  Good luck. 


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