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Absolute novice guide to making a wire dipole

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My 'picture' is a link to a page on Rand L's website for a good 1 to 1 balun.

As for a tuner ,if 10 meters is the only band you want to us you can just cut the dipole to correct size and it will be TUNED.
A tuner will come in handy when using other antennas and bands but is not needed for one band/one antenna.
I have a good rule of thumb when looking for an antenna tuner....Look for the letters "LDG" and you will be fine.
LDG makes automatic tuners that are great and cost very little more than most manual tuners you will find (manual tuners ,best for money is MFJ)

Dipole cut chart link :

Hint: about 8 feet 4 inches for the 10 meter band PEERR dipole side and this does not include the length needed to tie to insulators.

Yeah, my work blocks photobucket and other sites. That is why many of the pictures show up as broken links.

  For a manual tuner on 10 meters, if your not running to much power then one with closer spaced capacitors plates will have a little bit less loss then the big ones.  I use to make one for the higher bands using the magic "T". The coil has only a few turns in it so losses are low. 

I found that once I had my first diepole made it was not much work to add a second and third wire to it to make a 3 band fan diepole that I use for 40, 20, and 10 meters.  They say I should have a 15 but I do not see it on my Nano VNA.  I do not have a tuner, or anything on it at this point.  I did in end up having to replace my original 40 meter wire because I lost SWR that was more likely that I raised it at both ends and made it more of a horizontal than an inverted V.


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