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Anyone have update on fires in Cen TX?

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Thanks TexDaddy, that radioreference link is great. 

I know they can't call the fire street by street but I know they have a pretty good understanding of where the fire has been and the general direction of it, I don't understand where they're keeping this information.  My wild life management association sent out an affected  map updated by the Texas Forest Service yesterday morning, this is the information we want, not sure why they're not sharing the information via web.

My heart goes out to you Notorious.  I know that when I was with the US forest service and assigned as a fire information officer the information from the field would take almost a day just for us to get it and disseminate it.  You have a constant rotation of day and night crews on a fire and while information is passed on at morning command meetings from the previous shift, when you get a fire that large it just seems to take longer to get the information out because the command structure is that much more complex (you may have two or three divisions of the fire, each with their own command structure and each of those divisions will have resources from 10-20 different agencies and departments).

It's a frustrating waiting game and we have good friends with a ranch in the area.  They were able to get their horses out, but not their cows.  I suspect the only hope for those cows is that they'd likely eaten every blade of grass in the area because of the drought, thus might have some chance... if the smoke doesn't get them...  They still don't know anything either.  They aren't optimistic about their ranch, but were at least hoping for the best regarding the cows.

North East Texas

We have the Bear creek fire (30000+ ac 0% contained)about 15 miles to the north east and the Diana (3000+ ac 70% contained) fire about 10 miles to the south west. We are out of harms way for now, but we did have another 3 to our ac fire start just a couple miles from the house last night, but it was put down quickly.

I drove Dallas to Llano yesterday, and saw the remnants of dozens of fires. And three active ones, although small in comparison. I guess we've found one good use for tilling.

Last night, our local news reported 130 separate fires, which have consumed nearly 1400 homes in Central Texas, with 800 homes burned in the Bastrop area.

It is so dry here that just about anything will start a fire.  Power lines arcing, trains' wheels causing sparks, lightning (we haven't had rain, but we have had fires started by lightning), are a few causes we've seen.  We had a fire in my community last week that was caused by a worker tossing a cigarette, with a real potential for loss of 40 homes was headed off by fast VFD response.  Wichita Falls is over 20 inches below normal rainfall for the year.  Put another way:  We've only gotten 3.3 inches for the year.


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