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KnoxMan's First Garden

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The Structure on the left is one of the bed frames upside down , so I could line it with plastic to keep the treated wood chemicals from leeching into the garden

Here we go . I am so slow with some of this computer stuff at times ... forgive me

Modified by Berserker Prime to show picts.

OK so that didn't go well

KM, look for the images below the bold Italics Underline.  Run your cursor over the second one in (it will say insert image as your curser hovers over it.  Click that and you'll see some thing like this img img with brackets on them.  Next, go to your flicker picture and click on the picture you want, let it open up by itself, then right click on the image.  Open properties (at bottom), then copy the http address.  Then paste that address inbetween the img blocks.  That should work. Hope that helps.


Welcome Knox, looking forward to seeing the progress.  Looks like you have plenty of sunny space to work with.

Got some bad news though-

looks like someone was stealing your shed while you were messing with the uploads.   ;)


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