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I'm just getting started in CW.  Everyone I spoke with told me to start learning at the speed I want to be able to copy code.  So I'm using software to learn with koch method at around 20wpm.

I agree with what people have said about listening for words.  This is nigh on impossible at slower speeds.  At field day, the guy working the CW station had a speaker and I could certainly hear "CQ" as opposed to hearing a C and a Q. 

The other tip I like is that when listening to the code, if you're not copying words, don't think in terms of dot's and dash's, but in dits and dahs. 
dahditdahdit dahdahditdah as opposed to dashdotdashdot dashdashdotdash.

it's easier to sing the dahs and dits to yourself than dashs and dots

  Try learning the code at a speed where you can't copy the individual Dits and Dahs in each letter. The Fransworth method. I couldn't copy code in my head till I hit 30 wpm. That's when I copied whole words and not letters. It didn't last long, but for 6 short weeks I was up there.  73

I still have not achieved the level that I strive for, mostly to lack of free time.

1) Be patient.  Time with the stone will  hone the blade.  Keep at it and one day it will "click".
2) In the same mannor that you recognize CQ without counting dots/dits,  you will start to HEAR letters AND words.  See number 1.

Every person is different.  Some might master over night, some might just get a handle in a decade.  Be happy with whatever progress you make, and strive for improvment and you will always be challanged and improving.

The reward is not the destination, in morse code, like life... its the travel that is the reward!


Do it at least 10 minutes each day. I have taken two weeks off due to being super busy and I can tell my CW has gone downhill.


this i ahve found recently...They may help.
Remember, Morse is Music!


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