Author Topic: Quick HF multi-band antenna for the Ham on the move  (Read 2437 times)

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Quick HF multi-band antenna for the Ham on the move
« on: April 26, 2018, 03:09:28 PM »
  I have often used a 5 inch magnetic mount for antennas ,for VHF/UHF when driving and for HF antennas  while stationary. I love 20 meters for occasional long distance contacts during the day...even though the magnet mount is not capable of high speed use as the magnet is just not up to the task. I began using the following approach for quick and simple setup of a very capable antenna for fast set up and take down when on the move. I use a 20 meter Ham Stick (under $25 and 5 bands with 5 antennas for $80 as I remember) to provide the long distance antenna and ,as it uses a 3/8 x 24 thread to attach the antenna to the mag mount...I use ring terminals to attach a 35 foot (40 Meter) wire and a 65 foot (80 meter wire) to the same mount and these two wires I toss over a low tree so as to have wire antennas that are 6 to 15 feet above the ground for NVIS use. This allows the coverage of from 100 to many thousand miles and can set up in only minutes with no dipoles or tall support structures to worry with and when the wires are properly cut to length (and tested) you have little need for an antenna tuner (I suggest an auto tuner for your radio's safe operation,but it is not normally needed.

  I use this simple set will provide daytime DX and NVIS (regional) communications and night time DX on 40 and 80 meters it is a low cost tactical communications system that lets you have much more time on the radio and less frustration fiddling with antennas. Also when TWO long wires for 40 -60-or 80 meters are used at 30 to 40 degrees separation in a "V" towards the intended receiver or 'target area' one has an effective "V" BEAM that improved directional gain  and lessens your 'footprint' in other directions.

  Just a few simple ,pre-cut wires and forethought allows for major power and directional usage from your radio. This give major advantage to the communications of you or your group with little cost or construction time. JEFF,one of my local Ham students ,has found this a major advantage to the number of stations he is able to communicate with and with such simple techniques has been heard in many countries with his 100 watt mobile system. All for just a few $ worth of wire....