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Absolute novice guide to making a wire dipole

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Smurf Hunter:
Randy, K7AGE has been putting out good instructional videos for years.

While I personally knew most of this material beforehand, I would have appreciated having it to reference make when I was making my very first HF antennas.


The simple dipole is a thing of beauty and can be made with the simplest of components as in PVC pipe and 'found' wire.
And when coax can't be found a half wavelength of wire and quarterwave counterpoise make an excellent antenna....
If the Halfwave is a mystery,it should not be...a few simple numbers ,most are multiples of 17 feet can save the day when
the elements take down all of the aluminum yard art that passes as antennas these days.

This is great. When I get into HF, I can use this as a guide for 10 M.

Does anyone have a good source for the balun?

Here is one I like for balun:

For some reason, I could not see Carl's picture from my work computer. I guess they block some links.

I was wondering about an antenna tuner. There are tons of them out there. How can one evaluate the difference between a high dollar one and one sufficient one to tune a 10m dipole?


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