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The Dedicated Baofeng Radio Thread

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Alan Georges:

--- Quote from: Ken325 on April 08, 2014, 08:17:28 PM ---I got CHIRP working and I got all the drivers and data cable working.  I am now programmed with FRS, MURS, local NOAA, and GMRS channels. Works great!  One issue is you have to push in hard on the cheap knockoff data cable that I got to get it to work.  I also got 3 local repeaters on the radio.  Any other channels that I should program?  I played around with using it as a scanner but I am not getting anything.  My local PD is trunked and Dallas is to far away. Should I put any air and marine channels on this thing.  What is the max number of channels? 

I need to learn how to use keys to do things.  One would be to turn off the beep and voice.  Another thing is I would like is to see the names of the channels.  All I see is the frequency. If I cannot see names I will need to take a cheat sheet with me.

--- End quote ---

Yeah it is pretty great!  I used a razor to trim out a little of the plastic on the side of the cable plug that was keeping it from fully seating.  Programmed in much as you did, plus a few local first responders that aren't trunked; found those over at Radio Reference.  Also put in 2m & 70cm simplex calling freqs.  As Ken asked, anybody other useful channels to program?

In the "Duplex" column, you can turn off transmit on a channel-by-channel basis by selecting "off" for that channel.  Probably a good idea for stuff like the local police and fire simplex channels, maybe for the weather channels too.

Max number of channels is 128.  Sound like a lot, but it runs out fast.  There's an "Name" column in the memories editor page (at least in the version I pulled, 20140222), try clicking there.  Using the keys is a bear, and you can't get the alphanumeric names in on just the keys.  You can turn off the beep on the settings page in chirp, which you get to via a tab on the left side (again, at least on the version I have).

For manual programming, this is the only guide I've seen that I can seem to work with:  Your mileage may vary.

Is amazon the best place to pick these up or are there other places you guys have bought from? (Even though they are already pretty cheap on Amazon as it is. )


--- Quote from: Alan Georges on April 08, 2014, 04:27:10 PM ---(2) When you download chirp and get it running, make sure you have the right serial port driver.  If you don't, dig around on until you find it.  You'll know it's the right one when you have something show up in the "Download from Radio" menu that actually connects through to the radio.  Until you get the correct serial port driver working, you're stuck on zero.  Hey, at least it's free!

--- End quote ---

On this.....there is a programm available, "Find Com Port.exe".
Does it do this job for you?

Ok, I'm a complete noob to this ham, I got the uv5 the other day found my local repeater got it plugged in and it works, ya!!!!

What else can I add, is there a universal weather channel?

My local fire and police are on a different system.


You can drill down to the county. That's where I got a good portion of the ones I use. All kinds they list there, I've got ones from the port, cruise ship terminals, hotels, etc..


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