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This helped me. Have a nice print out sheet or you can download the CSV file, load it into chirp then into the radio. I've found that if I export from chirp to a CSV file I can load it into excel and work with it there. Working in excel is so much easier than chirp.

This guy has some great videos that got me started.


--- Quote from: scoob on April 07, 2014, 12:13:42 PM ---DeltaEchoVictor had a good idea:

So, here we go!  Let's chat about all things Baofeng, and other cheap radios.  Let's consolidate what we've learned.  Post useful links, tips, opinions, etc.

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I had a good idea...yay :dev:

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I have a CHIRP file that has MURS/FRS/GMRS frquencies, and all of my local ham repeater (and simplex calling) frequencies, according to the "Coordinated Repeaters" list for the area. (Many thanks to NF7T)  Look around, a local ham may have an up-to-date list posted for your area.
Once you get the radio-cable-computer handshake figured out, the hardest part is the naming & numbering of your list.  It's not that bad, it just took me a few tries to get a system I could live with. 

As a side note:  The way our coordinated repeater list is setup makes the vhf part of assigning memory locations easy, because the kHz part of the frequency is unique in the list.  Example:  146.240 would be known as the "24" repeater, and there will not be a 145.240 or a 147.240 in the list.  If that's confusing, I'd be happy to explain it further.

I didn't mention local Police/Fire, etc. in my list because it's still on my to-do list.

Here are the MURS/FRS/GMRS frequencies from Wikipedia:

MURS1    151.820 MHz
MURS2    151.880 MHz
MURS3    151.940 MHz
MURS4    154.570 MHz
MURS5    154.600 MHz

1    462.5625    Shared with GMRS (informally used as a national emergency/calling channel)
2    462.5875    Shared with GMRS (used as a calling channel by geocachers)
3    462.6125    Shared with GMRS
4    462.6375    Shared with GMRS
5    462.6625    Shared with GMRS
6    462.6875    Shared with GMRS
7    462.7125    Shared with GMRS
8    467.5625    FRS use only
9    467.5875    FRS use only
10    467.6125    FRS use only
11    467.6375    FRS use only
12    467.6625    FRS use only (used as a secondary channel by geocachers)
13    467.6875    FRS use only
14    467.7125    FRS use only

15    462.550    
16    462.575     
17    462.600     
18    462.625    
19    462.650    Use not permitted near the Canadian border.
20    462.675    Often used as emergency and road information calling frequency with tone squelch of 141.3 Hz.
21    462.700    Use not permitted near the Canadian border.
22    462.725

Alan Georges:
Three gotchas that wasted a bunch of my time:

(1) Thinking I could just program the thing by hand at first.  Go ahead and order the programming cable when you get the radio.

(2) When you download chirp and get it running, make sure you have the right serial port driver.  If you don't, dig around on until you find it.  You'll know it's the right one when you have something show up in the "Download from Radio" menu that actually connects through to the radio.  Until you get the correct serial port driver working, you're stuck on zero.  Hey, at least it's free!

(3) After you get the radio programmed up, unplug it from the programming cable to test it.  Mine would unsquelch the FRS radio across the room, but wouldn't transmit voice... until I unplugged the cable.  (This last one had me scratching my head for an hour.)

I got CHIRP working and I got all the drivers and data cable working.  I am now programmed with FRS, MURS, local NOAA, and GMRS channels. Works great!  One issue is you have to push in hard on the cheap knockoff data cable that I got to get it to work.  I also got 3 local repeaters on the radio.  Any other channels that I should program?  I played around with using it as a scanner but I am not getting anything.  My local PD is trunked and Dallas is to far away. Should I put any air and marine channels on this thing.  What is the max number of channels? 

I need to learn how to use keys to do things.  One would be to turn off the beep and voice.  Another thing is I would like is to see the names of the channels.  All I see is the frequency. If I cannot see names I will need to take a cheat sheet with me. 


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