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NOAA style alerts for Prepper Communities?

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Hi all!
I wonder if it is feasible to set up such an alert system for alert capable radios.
Though i am guessing it is not allowed to broadcast anything in the preset alert frequencies.
Any chance one could setup a similar system with other methods? Like modifying the radios to receive the alerts in other Frequencies?

Mr. Bill:
I don't know what your laws are in Greece.  In the US, yes, you'd be in big trouble for transmissing on the weather alert frequencies.

Recent scanner radios (receive-only) have a "tone-out standby" feature which listens to a particular frequency and waits for a 2-tone pattern for a particular fire station.  You could probably use this on an amateur or unlicensed frequency, so that the receiver would remain quiet until it received the "prepper alert" tones from whoever transmitted them.

yes, I did mean receive only radios.
The scanner idea is better since a proper comms plan for any group would require at least one running 24-7
Can this frequency be changed or is it preset on prefixed region/band of frequencies?

Mr. Bill:
On my scanner, I'm pretty sure the tone-out standby can be set to any frequency.  I don't think it supports monitoring multiple frequencies, but maybe newer scanners can do that.  It does support monitoring one frequency for multiple different tone patterns -- I've got mine set for the three nearest fire stations.  Very helpful during our wildfire season (Feb - Nov).

then what I asked Can be done...
thanks M.B.!


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