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The Dedicated Baofeng Radio Thread

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I bought a UV5R about a month ago.  I think this is a lot of capability in a small package.  I am thinking about ordering another one.  I bought a 14 inch antenna based on a recommendation from Greekman. 
I also bought the microphone, spare battery, and the programming cable.  I bought the AARL technician license book and I am working on getting a license. 

I would love to get some help programming this thing.  I would like to put in the GMRS frequencies so I can communicate with my motorola walkabouts, NOAA, Local emergency response, Maybe the MURS frequencies.  ANouther frequenciew that are recomended?  Anyone have step by step instructions or instructions on using the programing cable. 

Thanks for the links.  I will spend some time on this when I can.

Alan Georges:
Scoob is right: has what you need.  Got my usb issues sorted out and got a bunch of stuff programed in without much trouble at all.  There was one last port driver that my aging Macintosh needed, there was a link to it at miklor, and now chirp works great.  Thanks for starting this thread Scoob.


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A FNG to comms and need help

What did I miss?

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Somehow there is no active link for it

Alan Georges:

--- Quote from: GreekMan on April 08, 2014, 12:46:25 AM ---Somehow there is no active link for it

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perhaps this will work:

Thanks for catching that guys.  I would edit the original post, but I don't seem to be smart enough to find the 'Modify Post' button.   ???


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