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I bought some inferno i carry in my pocket. I was worried about a pocket discharge also. What i've done is leave the plastic that comes over the business end of the spray(for lack of a better term). It's loose enough i can slide it off as i pull it out of my pocket but stays on while its in my pocket. That works for me anyhow.

Resurrecting this old post.... Nate, what did you end up getting? 

Thinking about getting an EDC pepper spray as well - would be open to a few more options if anyone has additional comments.  I did have a Sabre discharge (2oz I believe) in a daypack last year, and am concerned about accidental discharge.

I carry a Sabre Red Pepper Gel.

I have a Kimber Pepper Blaster.  It's a bit bigger than most canister-sized ones, but it's flat and slim, so it fits in a cargo pocket nicely.  Since it's not pressurized, and requires a deliberate trigger pull to set it off (and it has a built-in "safety" trigger guard), I'm not worried about it going off accidentally.  If you're really paranoid, you can get a pocket holster for it to make it even safer to carry.

I carry my Fox pepper spray either in my cargo pocket or in my jacket inside pocket. If I am not wearing cargo pants and it is too warm for a jacket I keep it in the cell phone pocket on my Maxpedition Jumbo Versapack, which gives me easy access even though it is not on my body.


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