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The benefits of "Dirt Time"


Polar Bear:
The Business Inside has an article pointing out many benefits of getting into the bush.  They range from the obvious, such as lowering stress, to the plausible, improving your ability to focus, to the extremely tin-foil,  Cancer preventative?

So if you need another reason to convince your spouse or yourself to get out on the trails, here's a list!

I spent all weekend outside planting our gardens and honestly I feel great.  My 4 month old daughter also slept through the entire night too, so ... it's not a perfect scientific method.  Saturday we spent all day visiting farms and nurseries.  Sunday spent almost all day weeding and planting.  Can't wait for it all to sprout in a few weeks.  Although i'm spending half the day today looking out the window for rabbits and groundhogs.
Regardless it's a better Monday then the past few weeks


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