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I have the tracker knife. nutnfancy is about right, not he best survival knife out there for sure, but it does look cool! ;D
I carried it this last deployment in Iraq, works great for opening MRE's and scaring bad guys. tried using it to skin a critter a couple months ago, didnt work so hot for that.


The tracker knife is a POS.  I'd rather use a folder from Gerber. lol. 

You have to view my post within the context of learning "primative living skills."  If that tickles your fancy, his school is the best.  I had the opportunity to take his basic "tracker"  course for free.  It was way too Native American and "loin cloth" for my tastes.  Did I learn a lot?  You bethca.  How much is practical?  I don't know about you, but I don't forsee myself being in a pitch pine forest, half naked, carrying nothing but a 6 inch fixed blade knife.  lol. 

I've had the opportunity to take other classes and "train" with other people.  I much prefer a more modern method.  While not a "tacti-cool fool" I'm much more of a "tactical to practical" kind of guy and I take that approach to my gear buying and my daily carry or dressing style. 

If you only have budget to take one class in the immediate future, I would NOT suggest you take this one.  If you are looking to round out your training or are looking to get in touch with your Crazy Horse roots, this is the class for you. 

I would very enthusiastically recommend the Urban Escape and Evasion course taught by On Point Tactical.   Much more practical and if we use our risk assessment matrix, much more likely to be put to use.

To add, the reason he is polarizing is that he breaks one of my cardinal rules.  He thinks he knows everything. Unfortunately, that seems to be a prevailing trait amongst survival "gurus."   He doesn't take a holistic view to his courses.  His way is THE way. 

Sister Wolf:
Oooohhhh, I've been wanting to take the Urban Escape & Evasion course from On Point Tactical for a long time.  Looks VERY cool!

ridge rover:
About that Tracker, I say get a Hood ATAX instead! More versatility!

I heard TBJ on Coast to Coast AM one night, a night of boredom!

Check your local scene first. TBJ has many students with schools, many are more respected than TBJ!

These days, much good instruction is available. Unfortunately, you often have to travel!


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