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Title: Lifestik
Post by: cornbread on August 04, 2011, 08:14:16 PM
 I did a search on here and didnt find anything.New to the boards and trying to catch up.This is one item I need to get together and for 21 bucks seems good if the product is what they say it is.Wondering if any of you know anything before I buy.

Thanks (
Title: Re: Lifestik
Post by: Nicodemus on August 04, 2011, 09:17:52 PM
I've never seen this product before.

Unfortunately I don't know what manuals are on the flash drive. In addition I know neither the brand nor how much memory the flash drive contains. With that said, I wouldn't even be able to guess whether this item is worth the $21.00 or not.

Regarding the information contained on the flash drive, there is a lot of information that can be downloaded for free on the web, including army manuals and survival guides. Buying this item might be a timesaver compared to researching the information from a dead start, but I don't know. The listing is basic.

Regarding the flash drive, I don't see much use in it unless you either cary something with you that can access the information or are going to a location that you're sure will have something that will be able to access the material. If it's something you plan to learn prior to any emergency, which should be done anyway, then you could research the information you consider necessary, learn as you go and store it on a flash drive of your own for a $5.00.

There's just not enough information in that listing to know for sure.
Title: Re: Lifestik
Post by: idelphic on August 05, 2011, 08:10:09 AM
I'm with Nico on this...

You can get a very well made 4gb flash drive for $5.00 during the back to school days, or on sale from time to time.

From there, there are numerous sites that have Army Field Manuals that can be downloaded for free. You can also include MotherEarthNews articles and more from many different arenas.

YOUR cost should not be more then the cost of the drive....

Now if you want to add software, like Puppy Linux, Hirem Ultimate Boot, and other applications, then you have added a huge amount of value to your drive.

With Hirem you can access or recover a crashed computer, with Puppy you can again access and recover a PC,.. but you also have the ability to use a computer with a 'leave no trace' mentality. 

Also - during a black our, or EMP - what is that thumb drive going to do for you?  Having printed material is going to do more for you that a thumb drive in your pocket... Have both
Title: Re: Lifestik
Post by: Bradbn4 on August 05, 2011, 08:35:26 AM
Interesting - I figure you should be able to find enough links on this website to fill a normal usb memory fob up. 

I know I have downloaded well over a gig+ of data over the last few months from links provided by this site.   

From the brief write up I figure that for folks without access to sites like this one it would provide a nice jump start for figuring out what's what.

You need the data before there is a problem so you can act versus react.  However, hard copy - or other easy to access method to the data is important. 

I like  for it's ability to be carried in my wallet.  If you have a computer or other device that has a usb port you can access the data.  Mostly I just use this memory stick to save my free book collection from websites like or for real old books . . . .

To me the price would only be worthwhile if it contained unique data that is not available for free on the internet.

For other offline storage ideas - ebooks, many of the new generation tablet type computers would be useful.  However; you need to include within your preps methods to protect & keep those devices running when / if you lose power. 
Title: Re: Lifestik
Post by: Xavier on August 05, 2011, 12:42:55 PM
The point is that it's a time saver.  $21 is a great price, if the information is organized and thorough.
Title: Re: Lifestik
Post by: Nicodemus on August 05, 2011, 02:10:48 PM
Here are two links where you can download a lot of good information:

Hard Core Preppers Upload (

Army Field Manuals (
Title: Re: Lifestik
Post by: idelphic on August 08, 2011, 08:17:02 AM
With those two links, and using a application like Downloadthemall - it'll take about 20minutes to get more then one can read in a weekend.

Title: Re: Lifestik
Post by: cornbread on August 18, 2011, 10:44:16 PM
  Well I figured for 21 bucks I would give it a try.It took a week to get here but the info seems to well chronicaled and lots of it.The main chapters include fire,sub catagories include,bowdrill,candlemaking,charcole making,flint steel battery,by can and a few others.Hunting and trapping and fishing.everything from tanning to trap making. Agriculture.Seeds,bee keeping,donkeys,pesticides,rabbits,canning and alot of other files.Too many to list. Alternative energy,14 sub catagories. Food,40 or so subs,PDF files.Others chapters include self defense,medical,[alot of info here],Orienteering,20 or so files.Survival,alot of army manuals,plant ID,water,shelter.Water collection and storage,18 files. Sanitation.Nuclear..dealing with.I must admit I havent opened all the diffrent files and searched extensively.But just browsing it seems to be ok considering I didnt spend any time searching for files and downloading.
Title: Re: Lifestik
Post by: idelphic on August 20, 2011, 04:21:23 PM
  Well I figured for 21 bucks I would give it a try.It took a week to get here but the info seems to well chronicaled and lots of it.
Just happened to think since you brought this back to the the top -

Since you received yours, did you practice any OpSec?  Disconnect your computer from the network., virus / spyware, etc scan the device?

While it may not have had anything on it,.. it MAY have. 

Trust - by verify.