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Do you know what drowning looks like?

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Thanks Muddy, It was a rough time, but as they say time heals all wounds and the pain is slowly fading.   Not a day goes by that we don't think of her, but the thoughts are turning more to happy memories and the things we can do for her son, than the tragedy.  The human mind can be a powerful tool of self repair, scrubbing the bad and remembering the good if you let it do it's job.  (Hard for a soul searcher like me).

I have been contemplating joining the local VFD for many years now, but I always seemed too busy, and right now I don't have the time or resources.  Once I have things under control, I might give it a shot.  I did contact the state chapter of our emergency response group (Turns out we don't have anything local), so they just generally work with the VFD here.  I'd be more interested in SR or ER than FD because of the wider scope.

I did do a 4 week stint as a lifeguard while I was at Ft Lewis and I remember the orientation class they did covering drowning, but that was more than 20 years ago and I was lucky to never have witnessed anyone in distress.   I was a young dumb 20 year old more interested in the bikini clad swimmers than anything else though.

Very good article.  100% accurate.  When my sons were little both of them came so close to drowning.  Neither one made a sound!  Still makes me cringe.  Neither of them were afraid of the water and it never took long and in they would go if your back was turned for 1/2 a second.  My oldest jumped into a hot tub when he was 3 it was way over his head.  All I had done was let go of his hand to take the bag off my shoulder and set it down.  I never even heard him go into the water. Looked around and could only see his the top of his head going down.  There was a man sitting on the edge he was upset I jumped in with my clothes on splashing him in the process.  He didn't have a clue.   I grabbed him up and wen we got him to the side he was smiling  between coughing gags look mom I was swimming.  Yeah like a rock. 

My youngest son decided to run into a lake after a duck he was about 2.  Got him by the shirt tail on his second way down.  Just let go of his hand to blow my nose.  Another time he jumped off a boat when they were in the middle of the Columbia river!  He wanted to go swimming.  I was not there at that time.  Hubby grabbed a large hook and scooped him up.  If we had not insisted on a life jacket we would have lost him that fast.  Both boys had swimming lessons when they were little but that did not make them good swimmers.  Who ever said silence is golden never had kids! When it comes to kids Silence = Danger  @ least mine.

I swear after that I made sure the boys had life jackets on even around mud puddles.  When we were out and about yes I was one of those crazy people that had their kids on a leash.  When in the yard my youngest was tethered.   I know crazy.  But that kid could escape in seconds.  Scale a 6' fence grab his big wheel and end up in a 4 way intersection stopping traffic 3 blocks over.  By the time they were 2 they could both take doors off the hinge and pick locks.  This is why I feel so old.  Those boys wore me out!

When close to water KEEP LIFE JACKETS ON LITTLE ONES AT ALL TIMES no matter the time of year!

Morning Sunshine:

--- Quote from: Roundabouts on June 25, 2012, 06:32:46 AM ---  Who ever said silence is golden never had kids! When it comes to kids Silence = Danger @ least mine.
--- End quote ---

truer words not spoken. 

I had the girls wear their life jackets when we went went to the beach. I got a lot of funny looks from parents who had their little ones out there without one. But not 15 minutes after we were back on our hotel balcony,  we watched an off-duty cop drag a 15yo out of the water and do CPR. Fortunately she started breathing again before the ambulance showed up. The water was fairly calm, but if you get rolled and hit your head, you aren't going to float without a jacket. She was very lucky that the cop saw her go down and not come back up.

Josh the Aspie:
Just found this thread, read and linked the article a second time (to help with retention).

I realized I hadn't given Endurance +1.  I have now.


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