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DIY Ferro rod

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I have been wanting to make my own ferro rod from a blank.  What type of adhesive is best to attach a wood, bone, antler or plastic handle on a ferro rod?

Permabond two-part epoxy can find it at any home improvement/autoparts/walmart store

I'd cut a couple of small lateral grooves in the end of the ferro rod that you're applying the handle to just to give the epoxy a little something extra to grab onto.

Nate, I use a 2 part epoxy as well... I usually make a few at a time since you will be mixing them up anyway. Here is an example of my SKC setup that I sell.

I have used pl400 (liquid nails) since i have a tube loaded in a caulk gun generally all the time. Any epoxy should work. I cut a keyway or sliver into the rod lengthwise and on bigger items like a 3/8 ferro rod or a file handle, I may even put a groove around the rod at about half the depth of the hole in the handle material.


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