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Does anyone know good places to 1)find hunting sites and/or 2) people to hunt with.   Emphasis on the first one.  I live in the suburbs of Marietta, GA though if anyone wants a hunting buddy

I would think that a local rod and gun club would be a good place to start.

You can check out the guys on there are mostly from the SE USA. I know of a couple guys who hunt turkey on the site and live in GA.

thanks, Ebb

Cohutta wilderness area isn't but about 65-75 miles north of where you are at now. Just come up 575 to Gilmer county, well here's a web site that explains it better than I can.

Also Rich Mt Wildlife Management Area is up here in Gilmer co. also. Granted, this is all public land, not quite as good as hunting on private land.

If you end up up this way, shoot me an E-mail (I think my E-mail address is listed on my profile) and I will tell you what I know, but I'm not too experienced of a hunter myself, but I'm seriously thinking of getting back into it. A lot of guys up this way though join clubs down in south GA, but that's a little out of my price range.

As far as Cohutta goes though, my wife and I used to ride through there a lot, but I traded my 4X4 truck in shortly after we got married. I just bought an older model 4X4 the other day, but I probably need to give it a little while before I get too far back in the woods with it. I would hate to end up back in there broke down - could be a long walk out. I haven't been through there in a while, but the roads were pretty good. You could probably go all the way through there in a car. I know there are enough dirt roads in there to go from Copperhill TN down through Fannin and Gilmer county and almost over to Eaton GA (over near Dalton and Chatsworth ) without ever hitting pavement.

My dad said something the other day that they might be closing the main road through there in the winter because on folks getting stranded up there, but I don't know. It does seem kinda unlikely that they would leave it closed all winter, especially during hunting season. It might be worth calling the DNR before heading up in the winter just in case. I may ride out there myself in a week or two to see myself.

Here is another link to GA WMA's


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