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Here's your opportunity to share your favorite Primitive Skills resources. A couple of my favorites:

"Naked into the Wildreness - Primitive Wilderness Living and Survival Skills" by John and Geri McPherson.  It's a great book on a variety of primitive skills, written by a couple who use them as part of their day to day existence.  There are chapters on: Brain Tan Buckskin, Primitive Fire and Cordage, Making Bows and Arrows, Traps, Atlatl, Meat Preservation, Primitive Cooking Methods, Butchering a deer with stone tools, Making Baskets, Primitive Pottery, Primitive Tools, and Semi permanent shelters. According to the couple's website there is a version of the same book with a new title “Ultimate Guide To Wilderness Living” available for about $10 less than the original. 

"The Forager's Harvest." by Samuel Thayer.  Again, written by a author from personal experience, including years of teaching classes and field trips. What sets this text apart is his challenging of previous assumptions and "conventional wisdom" and superior illustrations.  I've read other wild plant books that had line drawings and/or paintings that are beautiful, but basically useless for identifying plants.

Each thread deserves a good resource guide. Please help others by adding to this list. 

ridge rover:
Good list. I assume you are not talking videos, just books.

Thayer just came out with a new plant book. He has a great write-up on the "Into the Wild" guy. He breaks it down with the book and movie myths and gives the real story, including why he died. And his plant info and pictures are spectacular as usual!

Thanks, I'll have to check that book out.   I  have no objection to including videos in the list; my thought was just to have a "one stop shop" for Primitive Skill resources, so feel free.     

ridge rover:
One stop shopping you say! For videos, go here. For the magazine, go here!

I have my own list of which videos to get, but check out their specials! I would go with the series and leave there basics videos alone, however, I've never seen their Basic vids either.

If you haven't discovered it yet, their forum and this one share many members.

There are skills books and books that teach motivation and enhance learning. There are all good, but I only list very few as must haves.

Ya gotta reach back and look into Nessmuk and Kephart too, not stone age, but their books are classics.

6 ways in and 12 ways out is a good one also in its own way. Its on my list.

A couple books that top my list is Bradford Angier and Col. Townsend Whelen's On You Own In The Wilderness first published in 1958.  You can still find it used in a lot of used book stores and on Amazon.  While some of the information is dated, much of it is timeless and great information.  Kind of a primitive camping how-to book, but most of the campcraft skills he teaches are long lost in the current generation of urban dweller.

Another is the Tom Brown series on wilderness survival and animal tracking.  Much more of a Native American approach to the wildlands, without tools and learning to create your own.

The two contrast each other in a similar way as Dave and Cody do in Dual Survivor.  Both have something to bring to the table.


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