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M109A3 - My soon to be new and improved BOV

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Any specific plans? Might I recommend an auxiliary fuel tank? Lol they get about half of zero mpg

Have longed fondly of owning one myself. Nice find will be interesting to see it progress

I plan on putting a 100g aux tank in the back. My plans are to turn it into a camper/bov that way if nothing happens we have a kick ass RV and if it gets bad we don't have to leave our stuff unattended as we travel to the BOL


What the inside looks like now

Looking up the stairs

I was just thinking - the size of the beast - it could be both a BOV and BOL at the same time. 

I think that truck weight just might fit under the requirement for a commercial license.   No space to store that type of hardware where I live....the best I could to fit in my garage would be a M416...

Thanks for sharing.

You are correct that you do not need a CDL to drive it.

No space here so I am using an RV storage lot to keep it. Not my first choice but it is all that I have.


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