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Got the dvd!

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Hi just ordered the DVD, unfortunately forgot to do it via TSP. WIll enjoy watching it when it gets to Australia
Thanking you

This video was like information overload(In a good way.)  I had to pause it periodically just to digest things that were said and shown.  I would love to see more.  Each section could probably expanded into its own DVD.


My DVD arrived in the mail today. Excellent service!

Hope to get some time to watch it in the next week.

Excellent DVD.  Took the DVD to my parent's in Virginia for Christmas.  Watched it with them.  Put up a greenhouse and chicken coop at their farm this past year.  Confirmed some of the lessons learned over this past year.

Got the DVD a couple weeks ago and I must say it is worth every penny and then some. I haven't even had time to check out the contents of the CD-rom that came with it yet either. It is filled with knowledge and is very motivating.


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