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Pressure canning chilies

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Hello folks!
I have an All American 921 and I canned some green chilies this last weekend.
My problem was that the dial gauge didn't reach the right temp/pressure. But the jiggler was going strong!
I've only used this canner once before and don't remember having this issue.
The jars were boiling when I took them out and all the lids popped.
If the gauge was off but the jiggler was going fine, are these going to be ok?
It was off a lot. It was reading 230 degrees. I canned them a 15lbs. and at that weight it should have read 250 degrees.
Did I just waist a whole case of chilies?

Trust the jiggler. Now that said why pressure can ? On peppers of all types i add some vinager and water bath.

Well vinegar would change the taste of the chilies.
Plus! I wanted to use the pressure canner again! :)
I'm still new at it...

We have always just used a canner with a jiggler, no pressure gauge.
As above, trust the jiggler.
Open a jar in a couple of weeks and test.

Having worked in the quality control profession for years I'll just throw out that even new pressure gauges can be inaccurate. While generally fairly rugged they can get out of adjustment from bumping or otherwise mishandling. Also it is recommended practice to have your canner gauge calibrated yearly. Your extension agent should be able to do this or the gauge can be sent to a calibration company that does pressure gauges, not all do. Notice the bold print in this link referring to All American pressure canners.

Bottom line. Go with the jiggler as others have said.


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