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Talk about expired can goods

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non-acidic foods, nothing visibly wrong with the can or leaking, I'm eating it. There's nothing wrong with it. Might get mushier, might take on a bit of taste from the can (but most cans are painted inside these days, not bare metal against the food). But properly pasteurized, sealed in a can, that stuff's good for as long as the can lasts.
There's a guy on YouTube that eats old canned military rations.
IIRC some canned meats from some failed antarctic expedition were uncovered and eaten to no ill effect decades after they were abandoned. Peter the Great once served some Wooly Mammoth exhumed from the frozen tundra. 
It's all consumable. You just have to get it past your mind, before it hits your taste buds.

I have seen the Arctic expedition article's another one featuring century-old oysters.

They didn't actually eat it, but it was analyzed and found to be ok.

I ran across a 10-year expired can of corn once; I tried it and it was not the greatest, but was overall acceptable.  I have had other cans that have bulged and I've tossed them without opening.  My mother stuck a can opener into a bulged can once and had to clean it off the ceilings.  She didn't try to eat it.

guess you do not SteveMREinfo's channel...he recently treated himself with a WWI era canned MRE.

regarding old cans, I have the same experience with all of you.
But i had a case where the contents "reacted" with the can and got a metallic taste

Our eating habits have changed but too soon to have used up cans of green beans and wax beans we use to make 3 bean salad with. Dating from 2013-2016. That seems like a couple of months ago we bought that. Will have to get back to 3 bean salad again.


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