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Three Part Question on Canning Ground Beef

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Freedom Forged:
1) Is it possible to "dry" can ground beef?  IE; no liquid at all just the seasoned beef.

2) Could the shelf life be extended by then freezing the jars of ground beef?

3) What kind of realistic shelf life be expected if can be done?

Thanks in advance for your input.

This was one of my early experiments that was a complete fail. I think if you search under "hamburger rocks", (here is a link:, you'll find out how some people do this. I think there used to be a thread about it on this forum, but I didn't find it on a quick search. I followed the process but apparently did not get all the moisture out of the beef before canning -- absolutely disgusting results later on...



why would you want to can it dry? wouldnt it be better just canned normally and a mre at the least?

I've read of "hamburger rocks" and dry canning also known as oven canning. The dry canning and probably the hamburger rocks process is/are not recommended by USDA.

I would suggest that before deciding to do either process that due diligence be done. You may change your mind.


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