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Just found a unopened brick of flishmans yeast in the cabinet (not the freezer where it belongs) dated 2016.
Any guess if this is still usable?
It must have been a multi brick pack or something because I'm just finishing up one with the same date that was in the freezer.

Since it is a brick, it might be ok. I have used the bricks of yeast a couple of years past date and it did fine. though it was in a cabinet that stayed cool all the time. So if it was not where moisture and heat got to it, you should be good to go.

easy to check... just take out a bit and add to lukewarm sugar water... if it bubbles up...

Bought 4 one pound bricks about 3 years ago, and just opened #3 brick.
Wife hasn't complained, and the bread is still awesome.  ;D

Smurf Hunter:
What are proven best practices for long term storage of yeast?

Buy bricks and toss them in the freezer?


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